There are some universal human values that are imperishable, indifferent to the whims of fashion, and insensitive to changes of latitude. It is doubtless therein that lies the secret of Groupe Auchan’s vitality, which is based on three fundamental values: trust, sharing and progress.

The men and women behind the development of Groupe Auchan’s businesses are its greatest asset. For the past 50 years, Groupe Auchan has drawn on their capacity for innovation, by consistently giving them responsibility, and has taken part in each person’s professional development by sharing knowledge, power and success.

Develop each employee's potential

To grow the company, Groupe Auchan develops its employees (training, internal mobility, talent management).

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Groupe Auchan’s shareholding scheme

In additionn to motivational remuneration systems based on the sharing of success (profit-sharing and bonuses) in most of the chains, and in most of the countries where the Group operates, employee share ownership schemes are put in place as quickly as possible. 

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