An unlisted company, combining family and employee shareholders, Groupe Auchan, now renamed Auchan Holding, is organized into 3 mai firms: - Auchan Retail, which groups together in all countries the existing food retail channels: hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce, - Immochan and - Oney Banque Accord.

Auchan Holding bears the name of its historic business, the hypermarket, opened in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez. Today it is a federation of responsible and enduringly prosperous companies, developing around a shared mission:

“To improve the purchasing power and the quality of life of the greatest number of customers, with responsible, professional, committed and respected employees.”

This mission is based on three fundamental values: trust, sharing and progress.

Auchan Holding is present in 16 countries, employs 337,800 people (on 31/12/2015, average payroll, FTE) and generated in 2015 €54.2 in consolidated revenue excluding taxes.

Auchan Holding worldwide

> €54.2 billion in consolidated revenue before tax
> A 2015 workforce of 337,800 employees performing more than 150 different jobs
> A presence in 16 countries

A socially responsible company

Auchan insists on making sustainable development a daily reality, both in the social and ecological environment of the stores and through greener patterns of consumption.

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