An unlisted company, combining family and employee shareholders, Groupe Auchan is organized into five core businesses: hypermarkets, supermarkets, Immochan, Banque Accord, and E-commerce.

Groupe Auchan bears the name of its historic business, the hypermarket, opened in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez. Today it is a federation of autonomous, responsible and enduringly prosperous companies, developing around a shared mission:

“To improve the purchasing power and the quality of life of the greatest number of customers, with responsible, professional, committed and respected employees.”
This mission is based on three fundamental values: trust, sharing and progress.

Groupe Auchan operates in 16 countries, employs 302 500 people (on 31/12/2013, average payroll, FTE) and generated in 2013 €62.1 in revenue including taxes for the chains.


Groupe Auchan’s new logo was designed in 2011, 50 years after the first Auchan store opened its doors. Illustrating the wealth of talent within the company, the logo was designed by a member of the group’s staff and selected from among 750 proposals made by teams and staff in all the countries where Auchan operates.

The three silhouettes symbolize the company’s core values of trust, sharing and progress.

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Groupe Auchan worldwide

> €48.1 billion in consolidated revenue before tax in 2013
> €62.1 billion in revenue including taxes, for the chains in 2013
> A 2013 workforce of 302,500 employees performing more than 150 different jobs
> A presence in 16 countries

A socially responsible company

Auchan insists on making sustainable development a daily reality, both in the social and ecological environment of the stores and through greener patterns of consumption.

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