Virtual payment: a revolution on the way!

Virtual payment: a revolution on the way!
Natural Security, in partnership with Banque Accord, Groupe Auchan and other banks and retail brands, is carrying out in France the world’s first experiment on a new payment system using a card combining biometric data and contact-free communication at a ...

Since 26 September 2012 and until 26 March 2013, 1,000 customers will be testing this innovation in retail outlets in Villeneuve d’Ascq and Angoulême, including Auchan stores. 

During six months, these customers will have the opportunity to try out a new way of paying that is simple and user-friendly, and which guarantees respect for their private life and personal data. The principle is very simple: when the customer arrives at the check-out desk to make the payment, he just has to place his index on a terminal – which recognises either the vein structure of the finger (tested in Villeneuve d’Ascq) or the fingerprint (tested in Angoulême) – to be authenticated and activate the payment. 

The system is both rapid and secure. No database is recorded by Natural Security: the biometric data of the users are stored directly on their bank card. The customer just has to have this card in his pocket or in her handbag when it is time for its authentication. The results of this test campaign will be known in a few months, so watch this space!

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