A worldwide presence

  • France (71,200 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 144 hypermarkets and 445 convenience stores under the banners, 162 drives, e-commerce, m-commerce, click&collect
    Immochan : 97 shopping centres under management 
    26 Alinéa, 19 Little Extra...

    The chains pursue a strong discount policy, with price reductions, the creation of “self discount” sections in hypermarkets, revised assortments, reinforced budget ranges, and experimental discount chains...

    Immochan manages 97 shopping centres in France. The real-estate subsidiary rents more than 550,000 m² of mall space. It has developed a new visual identity in its shopping centres, guiding customers throughout their visit.

    Oney Bank offers financial, savings and insurance products, private and international payment cards with the lowest costs (Visa and Mastercard), and services (travel, magazines, telephony, etc).

  • Luxembourg (700 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 1 hypermarket, 4 drives
    Immochan : 1 shopping centre under management


    Located in Eastern Luxembourg, on the Kirchberg plateau, Auchan Retail Luxembourg is a trans-border store with more than 700 employees of over 20 different nationalities.

    It is simultaneously positioned on the Luxembourg, French, Belgian and German markets. The store’s offering has been adapted to this very varied customer base, made up of people living in border regions as well as numerous foreign communities.

  • Italy (15,410 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 58 hypermarkets and 1,842 convenience stores under the banners, 1 drive
    Immochan : 45 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail is present in Italy with its Auchan hypermarkets and a number of supermarkets, mainly within the Simply Market chain.

    The Auchan hypermarkets pursue a strong discount policy, low-cost product ranges strengthened, reduction of sales prices, creation of “self-discount” sections, and a vast choice of Auchan-brand and farm-sourced products.

    The Simply Market supermarkets, with their local-store format, are developed mainly in urban centres. They offer a high level of service, a wide choice of fresh produce, and a complete range of Simply discount products.

    The shopping centre activity is developed through G.C.I., wholly-owned by Immochan since the beginning of 2012.

  • Spain (15,050 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 56 hypermarkets and 291 convenience stores under the banners
    Immochan : 30 shopping centres under management 

    For its first location outside France, at the start of the 80s, Auchan Retail created the Alcampo hypermarket chain in Spain.

    Today, Alcampo is recognized by a number of consumer groups and organizations as the country’s most affordable distributor, in large part thanks to its “self-discount” sections and a wide range of value-line products. To constantly improve its offering (55,000 product lines), Alcampo nurtures lasting relationships with its suppliers, and especially with SMEs.

    The group is also developing in Spain through the Simply supermarket chains. Simply is present in different formats, depending on the size and type of store: Simply City, Simply Market, HiperSimply and Simply Store. In 2010, Simply started rolling out its model franchise, which is now a significant growth driver.

  • Portugal (7,530 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 39 hypermarkets under the banners, e-commerce
    Immochan : 10 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail operates in Portugal under the banner of the Jumbo and Pão de Açúcar hypermarket chains, which it took over in 1996.

    Recognised as a low-price leader, the chain offers a wide selection of low-cost products. It has also developed a wide offering of organic products as well as the farm-sourced “Vida Auchan” range. For its fresh produce suppliers, it has created the “Auchan visa”, awarded on the basis of hygiene and traceability criteria. The online store @Jumbo offers some 16,000 products.

    Through its first international subsidiary, which took the name Oney in 2008, Banque Accord manages the private cards of the group’s hypermarkets and a number of specialised chains.

  • Hungary (5,720 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 19 hypermarkets
    Immochan : 18 shopping centres under management 


    The Auchan hypermarkets in Hungary are located mainly in Budapest. The chain is a price leader, adapting its offering to customer expectations, with a large choice of budget items, “low price” sales campaigns, “self-discount” sections, etc.

    Immochan has also created its own Hungarian subsidiary, and manages 18 shopping centres. The real estate subsidiary has begun to develop out-of-town retail parks.

  • Poland (22,135 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 76 hypermarkets and 33 convenience stores under the banners, e-commerce, m-commerce, click&collect
    Immochan : 22 shopping centres under management 

    The group’s first entry into Central Europe, the Auchan hypermarket chain in Poland is recognised as a price-leader in every area where it operates. It also launched the home-delivery service, Auchandirect.

    Immochan, which supports the group’s development, manages 22 shopping centres and is now moving into the creation of out-of-town shopping centres.

  • Romania (9,840 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 33 hypermarkets
    Immochan : 24 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail leads the Romanian market in terms of price, product range and convenience. Auchan hypermarkets are the country’s biggest, and generate the largest customer traffic.

    Auchan Retail Romania’s ambition, ever since its creation in 2006, is to be a profitable, modern and responsible discount distributor, with committed, professional employees who are always ready to listen to the customer and to make Auchan Romania’s favourite retail chain.

  • Russia (41,615 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 91 hypermarkets and 176 convenience stores, e-commerce
    Immochan : 35 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail set up shop in Russia in 2002. At that time, supermarkets and hypermarkets were something of a novelty to Russian consumers, who quickly adopted the Auchan model of “modernity, choice and discount”. The widespread discount approach helped to enhance the quality of life and the purchasing power of ordinary Russians.

    Since then, Auchan Retail has rolled out several different formats in Russia. In 2008, 12 Ramstore outlets acquired from Enka adopted the Auchan City banner; this smaller format has tailored its product range to its local convenience market. In 2009, an even more “discount” format was created with Nasha Radouga (“Our Rainbow”), adapted to medium-sized towns.

    Auchan Retail strives to meet its customers’ needs in a whole variety of sectors, for example through projects such as the Auchan Sad garden centres, “A-Mobile” mobile telephone plans, and online sales (since 2010), not to mention the wine store “Château Chanau” which sells a wide range of quality wines and spirits, and cigars.

    Auchan Retail is also present through its discount supermarket chain, Atak. This chain gives priority to an offering based on essential products.

    Immochan manages 35 shopping centres.

  • Ukraine (4,205 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 11 hypermarkets
    Immochan : 3 shopping centres under management


    An agreement was signed in Ukraine in March 2007 with the Furshet retail group, under which Auchan Holding took a 21.2% share in the capital of the Furshet supermarkets, which are managed by the Ukrainian group.

    Auchan Holding began operating in Ukraine in 2008, in hypermarkets, real estate and banking.

  • China (139,305 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 409 hypermarkets, 1 drive, e-commerce, m-commerce, click&collect
    Immochan : 72 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail is present in China under 2 hypermarket banners: Auchan and RT Mart. Auchan and Ruentex, partners in China since the year 2000, successfully organised the initial public offering of their jointly-owned subsidiary Sun Art Retail Group on the Hong Kong stock exchange on 27 July 2011. As a result of the IPO, 21.5% of the subsidiary’s capital is now held by international institutional investors and the public.

    Auchan’s Chinese hypermarkets, which are price-leaders in their catchment areas, offer a wide selection: “Pouce” budget products, seasonal products (in particular for textiles and “back to school” items), Auchan’s own-brand products, and fresh products from sustainable agriculture.

  • Taiwan (4,810 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 25 hypermarkets under the banners, 2 drives
    Immochan : 22 shopping centres under management 

    Auchan Retail has been present in Taiwan since 2000, through a partnership with the RT Mart Taiwan Group, in which Auchan owns 62% of the equity. The hypermarkets, which are fully owned, partly owned or under franchise, operate mainly under the RT Mart banner.

  • Vietnam (170 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 3 convenience stores

  • Tunisia

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 79 convenience stores in partnership with Société Magasin Général

  • Senegal (90 employees)

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 4 convenience stores

  • Mauritania

    On 31/12/2015

    Auchan Retail : 1 convenience store under franchise

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