Innovation culture – part of Groupe Auchan’s DNA

Auchan was created in an enterprise culture which, more than 50 years on, is still very much part of the company’s mindset and ethos. Through laboratories and business incubators, the Group invests the necessary time and money in innovation, improving existing activities and helping new concepts and solutions to emerge.

Groupe Auchan conducts numerous experiments, supporting them, fine-tuning them and – once the right formula has been discovered – transforming them into strategy. And we recognise the right to fail: innovation, after all, depends on trial and error.

Furthermore, the autonomy that every Groupe Auchan company enjoys encourages it to innovate in order to achieve sustainable and lasting growth.

Creative Attitude – “Backing the Risk-Takers”

The Creative Attitude programme – launched by Vianney Mulliez in 2011 – supports the construction of an innovation-friendly ecosystem in five of the Group’s countries. The goal of this unprecedented initiative is to support innovation in the existing business lines and to provide a framework for intrapreneurship. Every employee who so wishes can formulate a project and receive support in implementing it. The projects that grow out of this initiative are stamped with the Creative Attitude label.

Goals :

  • to be constantly one step ahead;
  • to instil the spirit of initiative and innovation into the company;
  • to foster the emergence of new businesses within the Group;
  • to give everyone the opportunity to reveal their talents and to develop personally.

Latest innovations

FLASH’N PAY, a solution that revolutionises the shopping experience

Designed by retailers for their customers, flash’N pay is the first all-in-one solution that incorporates all the dimensions of shopping: payment, loyalty, dematerialization and historization of the checkout receipt, reduction coupons, shopping list, wish ...


Oney Banque Accord innovates in the fight against fraud

Oney Banque Accord unveiled at the e-commerce trade show of Paris on 18 September a completely new tool in the fight against fraud: Sell Secure, an original product for all e-traders.