Contributing to the social fabric of the neighbourhoods where stores are located and promoting social integration, relaying national campaigns and responding to emergency situations: the 3 companies of Auchan Holding are engaged from day to day.

A single spirit of solidarity

The group’s presence in numerous countries entails a large diversity of cultural understandings, economic and social contexts, and trade policies, specific to each of the areas in which its businesses operate. Its concept of solidarity, however, is the same in every country.

The Group’s commitment to civil society is made tangible every day in the form of food donations and financial support for non-profit groups, usually working in healthcare and aid for deprived children. The decentralized functioning of the Group helps to bring answers adapted to the specific needs of communities. 

Acting local – every day

More than just retail outlets, the stores are recognised actors in the social life of their local areas. As a magnet for employment and an area of exchange and encounter open to the community, each site generates social connections through the involvement of its employees, partners and customers. Employees are encouraged to initiate or sponsor voluntary projects, to get personally involved in their implementation, and sometimes even to involve the customers.

Additionally, the Group’s decentralized structures enable it to develop responses adapted to communities’ specific needs.

Professionalizing philanthropy via foundations

Foundations provide a structured framework for a well thought-out corporate philanthropy policy that is carefully implemented and monitored over time.Groupe Auchan has several foundations:

Auchan Youth Foundation (Fondation Auchan pour la jeunesse)

Created in France in 1996, it has been supporting since 2001 education-related projects in every country that has its own Auchan hypermarkets, with a view to teaching young people to:

  • read, write, count and cultivate their minds;
  • educate themselves;
  • eat properly;
  • look after their own health;
  • look after their environment.

The aim is to enable young people, and especially those in difficult circumstances, who come from urban areas and neighbourhoods close to the store, to achieve their ambitions, by providing them with the financial resources and the professional experience they need in order to bring their plans to fruition.

Find out more (French only) 

Do not hesitate to submit your project to the Auchan Youth Foundation by clicking here.

Auchan Generations Foundation 

Set up in 2011, the Auchan Generations Foundation enables Auchan Russia to support projects aimed at various institutions or structures for young people and children, targeting three specific areas for action: vocational training for retail-based professions, support for orphaned, ill or disabled children and incentives for sports activities.

The Simply Foundation: “Le goût du partage” (A Taste of Sharing)

Formed in 2009, the Simply Foundation supports social solidarity and integration projects related to healthy eating. Each project is sponsored by an employee and bears testimony to the social bond between the company’s teams and the local community. The foundation has had a partnership with the A.N.D.E.S. social solidarity grocers for 4 years. This support goes beyond mere financial contribution, leading to a genuine transfer of expertise. Volunteer employees support the grocers during their work hours to help them professionalise their operations.

Simply Foundation's website

Immochan Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Since 2009, the Immochan Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship has been supporting social entrepreneurs in the 90 employment catchment areas where Immochan serves as site developer and manager. Creating jobs, social cohesion and added environmental value, all the projects supported comply with the principles of responsible management.

Since 2011 the Immochan Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and IESEG business school have been organizing the CréEnSo (Creation of Social Enterprise) awards. Students met with the entrepreneurs from winning projects of the previous years to define the mission on which they would work together for the coming year.

Weave Our  Future Foundation (WOF)

The Groupe Auchan purchasing and sustainable development teams reached the conclusion that despite everything that has been done for more than 15 years, more concrete and hands-on effort is needed to improve the living conditions of workers in the countries of the south.
Based on the Auchan Youth Foundation's successful 20 years of experience, it was decided to create a similar tool, the “Weave our Future” Foundation, under the auspices of the Fondation de France, in April 2014.
Open to all retailers that wish to join the project, this foundation aims to foster or support health and transport initiatives to benefit workers in the textile and general merchandise industries in the least advanced countries and their families, goals the factory managers are unable to meet by themselves

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