Auchan Holding is conscious of the ecological footprint generated by its different activities and constantly strives to introduces innovative solutions to lower energy consumption, contribute to fighting global warming and saving biodiversity. 

Preserving natural resources

Auchan Holding’s various activities have a clear impact on the population, with millions of customers coming into our stores and malls each day. With this in mind, the Group endeavours to minimise its carbon footprint to contribute to better preserving natural resources.

Waste recycling, for example, is a priority area. Training for teams concerned, creation of recycling systems and exchange of best practices between stores all improve recycling of daily waste. And as for plastic bags,  the chains are cutting down on free bag distribution, and offering their customers biodegradable or re-usable alternatives, aiming at minimizing environmental impact.

Finally, Auchan is developing new processes to save water, including waterless urinals, and rainwater collection tanks on the roofs of stores.


Building, renovating and operating in a sustainable way

The technical and development teams are committed to prioritising sustainable construction techniques for all renovation, expansion and new construction projects. Each project has set itself two major objectives: managing the environmental impacts of its buildings, and enhancing the quality of life of their occupants and visitors.

Beyond the design and construction stages, environmental approach seeks to involve employees at every level of the company in sustainable management of the sites, through a better understanding of the environmental impacts, by ensuring compliance with regulations, and by applying a continuous improvement mindset to all of our practices.

In parallel, Auchan Holding sets itself the challenge of reducing its carbon footprint, targeting the main sources of carbon emissions in order to define action priorities such as optimizing customer travel: encouraging car-sharing, improving links to the public transport grid, installing cycle paths and cycle parks, etc. The Mantes-la-Jolie hypermarket (Paris area, France) implemented the first rapid-charge station for electric cars in April 2014, capable of charging a vehicle in the store car park in less than 30 minutes. These stations, the result of a partnership between Auchan France and Nissan, are manufactured in France and currently being deployed to all sites.

Control our energy consumption

All of the Group’s businesses control their energy consumption by setting ambitious annual reduction targets. The installation of smart meters helps chains to identify waste and to optimize consumption. At the same time, it is essential to teach staff the right energy reflexes.

Because of the volatility of energy prices and in spite of the policies and actions implemented by each entity to reduce consumption, Groupe Auchan chose to engage in a more proactive approach. In 2013 an “Energy Plan” was built around key priorities and addressed step-by-step: reduce consumption more quickly at each site, professionalise energy purchasing, define standards for the new sites.

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Environmental certification

Since 2011, Immochan has been committed to an environmental certification scheme in all of its development projects. The internationally-recognised Breeam certification scheme guarantees projects that apply very ambitious environmental performance criteria leading to very low energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and increased mobility. This scheme has also led to staff involved in the project undergoing additional training and skills, from the point of purchase through to actual construction.

Eco-friendly shopping centres

Innovative player in the cities and the local areas, Groupe Auchan has fully integrated the lowering of its environmental impact in the construction and running of their new shopping centres.