As an active player on the employment market, Auchan Holding fully assumes its corporate responsibility for its employees. Keen to develop a safe, high-quality workplace environment, based on personal involvement and trust, the Group draws on the diversity of its profiles to move forward within a culture of sharing and responsibility. 

Open to all profiles

Many of the Group’s career pathways are open to every type of profile. A lack, or even an absence of qualifications is not necessarily a barrier to recruitment. 

The great majority of the Group’s job offers are open to candidates without diploma or experience requirements; recruitment is based on candidates’ personal skills and qualities.

By organising preparatory job training courses, the Group chains give everyone a chance, whatever their background.

Helping everyone find his or her place in the company

Auchan Retail, Immochan and Oney strive to ensure that every employee is “responsible, professional, committed and respected”.

This is based on the strengthening of professional qualifications through training. While targeted mainly at fostering progress in business-specific areas, some of the training courses sensitize employees to the company’s social and environmental responsibilities (with modules on energy savings, waste sorting, sustainable products, healthy nutrition, etc.).

The strong responsibility policy, firmly anchored in the company culture, also helps to develop internal promotion. Almost all of the Auchan’s department managers and directors have been recruited internally. Talent spotting and management mechanisms are in place, to pave the way for tomorrow’s work force while supporting employees’ individual projects. 

Sharing success  

The chains have developed motivating remuneration systems based on profit sharing. Furthermore, employee shareholding started in France in 1977 at the instigation of Gérard Mulliez, founder of the company. Its success with the French employees incited to the development of the scheme in 9 of the Group’s host countries.

It is almost one of a kind in the mass retail sector, giving employees the opportunity to benefit from the value they help create and to build their savings, while encouraging active involvement from all employees.

Encouraging Innovation

For Auchan Holding's companies, the company's success cannot be envisioned without the talents, individual initiative and innovative capacity of every employee. The company has traditionally given every individual the chance to suggest ideas, try them out and develop them if successful.

In 2011, this approach led to the launch of a global participatory innovation programme, "Creative Attitude”. To date, more than 3,000 ideas have emerged and more than 200 have been chosen for trial runs before deployment.

Every project brings new added value, whether for the Group's sales, operational efficiency, development or CSR policies.

Promoting and integrating diversity

Working with disabilities
In all of its countries, Auchan Holding has a proactive work integration policy aimed towards people with disabilities, accompanied by awareness-raising programmes for customers and company members. The ratio of employees with disabilites is often higher than legally required. The group’s companies have received widespread recognition from public authorities for these policies.

Gender equality

About two thirds of company members at Auchan Holding are women. Gender parity plans are in place, to avoid any form of gender discrimination, move mindsets forward, and encourage a better work/life balance. One of the key workstreams is the promotion of women to management positions. 

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HR policy

Internal opinion surveys

These surveys, which are performed regularly with employees from each chain, allow us to measure the level of satisfaction within the teams. Areas for progress are identified, allowing concrete actions to be undertaken.