A powerful sense of social and environmental responsibility

As a responsible discount retailer, Auchan Group makes a point of making sustainable development a tangible part of daily life, both by improving the stores' ecological and societal environment, and by making better consumption available to all.

The group is committed to maintaining loyal relationships with its stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and civil society, and to doing so while preserving global shared assets and limiting the impact its activities have on the environment.

An international synergy

In 2008 – following the creation of the Environment department at Auchan France in 2001, which became the Sustainable Development department in 2004 – Groupe Auchan set out to generate its own international sustainable development synergy. The goal was to ensure that every country made progress on its sustainable development policies in a coordinated way, with the emphasis on initiatives that are seen as priorities for all. This synergy also enables countries to exchange good practices.

Since the launch of the initiative, the initial focus has centred mainly on energy, waste management, and the possibilities offered by sustainable modes of production, as well as on the extension of the Auchan Youth Foundation to the Group’s hypermarkets.

CSR Reporting

In order to measure the advancement of the policies being implemented, a proactive project on indicator development and quality data collection was initiated in 2009. Since 2011, the Auchan Group publishes an annual sustainable development report.

In compliance with the Grenelle II law, CSR reporting for 2013 was marked by the Auchan Group's obligation to communicate information across the board relating to its social, environmental and societal responsibilities, and having them certified by an accredited outside body. The group saw this new obligation as an opportunity for continued progress, through a fairer measurement of performance and the actions already or about to be undertaken.

To ensure transparency, the Auchan Group has decided to allow its stakeholders free access to the CSR portion of its management report.

The charter of ethics, a guide for the Groupe's teams

Since its creation, Groupe Auchan developed itself by respecting a set of beliefs and values ​​and a strong commitment to ethics.

Responsibility towards its customers, its employees, its partners and associates, its shareholders and society: the charter of ethics is a guide to all the employees of the Group, whatever their business lines or their country.

Download the Charter of Ethics

Commitment to the Global Compact

After Alcampo in 2002 and Auchan France in 2004, Groupe Auchan signed up to the Global Compact in 2011, reflecting the growing involvement of all elements of the Group, and their strong commitment to moving forward in terms of sustainable development policies. Auchan Poland and Simply Market France also joined the initiative in 2011.