Convenience stores

The key to the success of the supermarkets and convenience stores is the quality of fresh products and their relationship with their customers. 

Convenience stores are now operated on a fully-owned basis, or as franchises & partnership, in 10 countries: in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Vietnam and Senegal on fully-owned basis, and in Tunisia and Mauritania under franchise or partnership.

Simply Market: the supermarket reinvented

Simply Market stores primarily sell food products, using retailing practices that keep pace with trends in society, and exploiting the concept of healthy eating. Colour-coded markings help customers to find their way around the stores.  Simply Market is a comfortable and modern type of store which, with the help of staff recruited locally and trained to give good service, creates a sense of closeness to its customers.

Simply Market supermarkets hold promotional events and operations all year round. With its Auchan own-brand products and the benefits of its loyalty programme, Simply Market’s competitive pricing policy provides an effective response to its customers’ main concern.

Simply Market adapts its range of over 13,000 products to match the size of its stores – whose floor area varies from 500 to 3,000 m² – and their location. Both in rural areas and in towns, Simply Market stores offer a choice of quality food and drink products from around regions. These product ranges are constantly updated to keep pace with changing patterns of consumer spending.

The supermarket is part of everyone’s daily life, and a place where people meet and talk, so it’s no surprise that, in addition to customers, it also plays host to the stakeholders in local life: voluntary organisations, institutional partners, etc. The supermarket acts as a focus for them to plan joint projects, in the knowledge that they can rely on the support of committed staff. 


“A 2 pas” is a new concept in ultra-local urban retailing. In the heart of towns and cities, “A 2 pas” offers innovative and colourful stores with a floor area of less than 500 m², and a 7,000-strong product list, built around Auchan goods. “A 2 pas” is a living space where, on a daily basis, staff teams meet their neighbours who want to do a “one-stop shop”, quickly and simply, close to where live. The chain is continuing to develop in large cities, mainly on a franchise basis.

Partisans du Goût

Les Partisans du Goût is a new-look retailer selling catering products. It offers a sophisticated range of regional products, bread and Viennese pastry, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, fresh and cooked meats and products prepared on the premises. Les Partisans du Goût seeks to be a new type of meeting place for producers, retailers and customers who are all eager to ensure that consumers enjoy a healthy diet and consume responsibly. 

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2016 Key figures

> 2,624 convenience stores under the banners
> Present in 10 countries
29,000 employees

A supermarket is:

> 800 to 4,000 m² of sales area
> 40 to 200 employees
> 1,000 to 5,000 customers a day
> 7,000 to 13,000 food and non-food products
> 5 to 20 checkouts
> 50 to 400 parking spaces