Real Estate

Auchan Retail’s growth has been supported by its real estate subsidiary Immochan since 1976. Today, Immochan is at the same time promoter, developer, manager and investor for the group’s shopping centres. It's one of the top European promoter companies specialised in shop-oriented urban planning.

"Improving daily life"

Immochan’s mission statement reflects its commitment to creating living, welcoming spaces where people go to do the shopping, but also for shared moments of relaxation, learning and togetherness.

A forward-looking model

In France, Immochan is a pioneer in the development of multi-channel shopping centre concepts. Its ambition is to conquer new markets by leveraging new technologies. The Internet is now a key component in shopping centre communication, information and identity. Shopping centres are using their websites to relay news, events, promotions and services: car-sharing, digital brochures, job offers, and more.

Partner of shop-owners and local authorities

Immochan designs its centres to enable shopkeepers to maximize their economic and financial performance. In keeping with the group’s spirit of innovation, and its goal of offering a broad range of shops and services, Immochan hosts and develops new retail concepts.
As a prime actor in urban planning, Immochan also plays a key role in interfacing with local authorities, which it supports for the development of the town and shopping amenities.
Along with the group chains, Immochan has adopted sustainable development approach, by optimising the use of natural resources and by working on the development of local roots for its centres. In the architectural design, the use of local materials, and the recruitment of its sales staff, Immochan pursues the goal of making each centre a unique place in the image of its host region.

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2016 Key figures

> Presence in 12 countries
> 382 shopping centres managed (on 30/06/2015)
> More than 4 million sqm of managed floor space
> A fair value over €7 billion

Eco-friendly shopping centres

Innovative player in the cities and the local areas, Groupe Auchan has fully integrated the lowering of its environmental impact in the construction and running of their new shopping centres.