Today, the Auchan hypermarket chain is synonymous with breadth of choice and with the “all under one roof” approach that made it famous. Its success is also built on its ability to look to the future and cater for new consumer expectations.

A wide offering to meet the needs of every customer

The hypermarkets offer a wide high-quality assortment of food products for every pocket. The ranges include national brands, regional products, Auchan products and value lines such as the Group’s own Pouce products. The hypermarkets are also working to reinforce their non-food ranges in certain sectors, with the aim of becoming market leaders.

The strong discount policy is based on a strengthened offering of low-cost products. In six countries (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Hungary), “self-discount” sections bring together the most economic products in the hypermarket, in particular sold as bulk items.

Responsible consumption

The selection, testing and quality of products are governed by strict requirements. Food safety remains a constant priority, to ensure that customers can trust in our products.

The chain works closely with local producers and SMEs and offers regional or farm-sourced product ranges. In Italy, for example, the “regional savours” range is made up of well-known and typical prouducts from different Italian regions.

Innovative services

Customer expectations evolve, and so do our products and services. From photo developers and health & beauty spaces to jewellers and opticians, the in-store offering has diversified and been enriched with intangible services such as travel, insurance, ticket sales, telephony, financial products, and the Rik & Rok club for children (in Portugal, France and Spain).

Meanwhile, waiting time has become a key factor in consumers’ choice of store, and so the hypermarkets have adopted new checkout systems (Caisse Minute, Rapid’Auchan) in addition to the standard tills in order to handle peak periods more efficiently.

To deliver still further efficiency for the customer, Auchan is developing mobile applications with the goal of enabling customers to find all the information they need about the hypermarket and the products sold, in order to facilitate their visit to the store.

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2016 Key figures

> 1,003 hypermarkets under the banners
> Present in 13 countries
299,530 employees

A hypermarket is:

> 2,500 to 22,000 m² of sales area
> 150 to 900 employees
> 5,000 to 30,000 customers a day
> 30,000 to 100,000 food and non-food products
> 20 to 90 checkouts
> 1 petrol station
> 1,000 to 5,000 parking spaces