HR policy

Auchan Retail’s, Immochan's and Oney Banque Accord's success is founded, above all, on the quality of its workforce. The employees are the company’s primary strength, enabling it to establish its difference over the long term. 

Across its different business lines and more than 150 different jobs, Auchan Retail, Immochan and Oney Banque Accord workforce reached a total of 337,800. 32% of these people work in Western Europe, and the remaining 68% in the Group’s other operating countries.

Loyal to its historic values of sharing knowledge, power and success, the group pursues an ambitious human resources policy of diversity-based recruitment, training, encouraging accountability, internal promotion, employee profit-sharing and employee shareholding. 

Accountability: the key to professional development

The group builds on its employees’ capacity for business innovation by focusing on the sharing of power via the sharing of responsibility. This desire to encourage shop-floor initiative is reflected in the group’s decentralized structure, which gives significant autonomy to each subsidiary.

In all of the businesses, independence, personal initiative, and involvement in the decision-making process are core concepts that the company instils in its employees throughout their careers. Like sub-department managers in China and Taiwan, "segment expert” staff in Russia and Ukraine are responsible for the results achieved within their area of responsibility. That accountability is central to professional development, and opens the doors of internal promotion to many employees (in the hypermarket branch, 32% of positions are filled through internal promotion).

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Auchan Retail France: optional full-time working

Auchan Retail France has set itself the target of eliminating involuntary part-time working. The chain is offering its part-time employees the option to switch to full-time employment, by supplementing their main activity with regular duties in a different part of the store.

Internal opinion surveys

These surveys, which are conducted regularly in every chain, measure employees’ satisfaction levels. Areas for progress are identified, allowing concrete actions to be undertaken.