Employee shareholders

In addition to motivational remuneration systems based on the sharing of success (profit-sharing and bonuses) in most of the chains, and in most of the countries where the Group operates, employee share ownership schemes are put in place as quickly as possible.

Sharing the fruits of our labour

Employee share ownership is a tangible way of enabling each employee to create a personal holding by combining savings with company growth. In time, it can help them to finance personal projects such as access to property, paying for their children’s education, or making provision for retirement.

On a daily basis, being an employee shareholder (as 97% of Auchan France’s 55,000 employees currently are) means developing a more responsible attitude to one’s work. When everyone is mindful of the company’s performance, employee share ownership develops relationships of trust and co-responsibility, and reinforces the sense of pride in belonging to the company.

A mechanism spreading to every country

Employee share ownership started in France in 1977 (via the Valauchan joint investment fund). Its success has spurred the development of shareholding abroad since 1996. It is now implemented in 9 of the 12 countries where Auchan operates (Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Luxembourg, Italy, France, China and Russia), with a total of more than 160,000 shareholders.

In 2014, 163,000 employees in 9 countries owned 10.2% of the company’s stock.

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2014 Key figures

> 330,700 employees
> 32,5% internal promotion rate
> 4.4 million training hours
> 163,000 employee shareholders, in 9 countries, own 10.2% of the Group’s capital

Employee shareholding at Groupe Auchan

Groupe Auchan’s shareholding scheme

It is composed of 9 funds :

> Valauchan, created in 1977;
> Valauchan International, created in 1996;
> Valsuper, created in 1998;
> Valsuper International, created in 2000;
> Val Alinéa, created in 2002;
> Valauchan Italy, created in 2006;
> Valauchan China, created in 2007; 
> Valauchan Russia, created in 2008; 
> Valaccord, created in 2009.